‘Blue Matters Talk: Ocean Discovery’ (For Phase II students) Applicants’ List

Applicants’ List of ‘Blue Matters Talk: Ocean Discovery’ for Phase II students has been released! Successful applicant will be notified by SMS and email. Please attend the talk according to the details in the email.


Each successful applicant can invite a parent to come along. Please show our staff your SMS/ email notification and successful applicant’s student handbook/ student card/ other identification documents for registration at the event day.


If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 3102 8107 / 3102 2003 or


10/9/2017 (Sunday) – Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre


16/9/2017 (Saturday) - Grand Theater, Heung Yee Kuk Building, Sha Tin

17:33 31-08-2017
Applications for “Blue Matters Talk: Ocean Discovery’’ are now open!! (For Phase II students)

To commend participants who have been actively participating in the programme, Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association co-organizes with Hong Kong Ocean Park to hold “Blue Matters Talk: Ocean Discovery’’.


With lively interpretation and interactive games, students could gain an in-depth understanding of marine conservation, while recognizing the importance and ways in protecting our ocean!


Students with 80% or above attendance rate in the first 10 lessons and stated that they are willing to participate at this talk in the application form are invited to attend the talk. Parents/guardians please check your email/mobile and register the talk on or before 24th August 2017 (Thursday) 5PM according to the application method. Each student can only register ONE talk. A ballot will be held if the activity is oversubscribed.


Please read the story – “Whiskers and Friends: Ocean Rescue” on P.24 in “Jockey Club Learn-to-Swim Programme for Primary Students” booklet before participating in the talk. If you have any enquires about the talk, please call 3102 8107/3102 2003 or email to

11:05 11-08-2017
Phase III Swimming Classes Details
Please note that swimming class details have been posted on this website.
• Click "Swimming Classes"
• Refer to "District"/ "Swimming Pool"/ "Swimming Club" and search for course information
• Contact the swimming club for class quota information individually

• During registration, please provide swimming club with student name, contact number and voucher number

• Application is confirmed only after the swimming club has received the vouchers.


Period of course: 1 August 2017 to 31 January 2018


Please note that info of August 2017 - January 2018 swimming classes will keep updated.

For any enquiries, please contact (2389 0126 or 2389 0127) or email HKASA staff at

14:09 17-07-2017
Jockey Club Learn-to-Swim Programme for Primary Students - Phase III Public Drawing Result

Public drawing for Phase III of ‘Jockey Club Learn-to-Swim Programme for Primary Students’ has been held successfully!


Parents/guardians please check your email to verify your information. If there is any error in the information of the email, please contact our staff at 2389 0126/ 2389 0127 or on or before 9th June 2017 (Friday) for amendment. Otherwise, the voucher will be sent out according to the postal address by registered mail.



For more details, please click Phase III – Result of Public Drawing


Please note:

1. Two vouchers, one swim gear redemption coupon, one booklet and the swimming bag will be mailed to successful applicants in late June 2017 by registered mail

2. All Phase III swimming class details will be announced on this website by 9:00 am, 17th July 2017 (Monday). Parents/ guardians can contact swimming clubs for enrolment/ enquiries of swimming classes directly at 10:00 am, 17th July 2017 (Monday).

3. If successful applicants fail to receive the voucher by registered mail, parents/ guardians will be notified by phone and required to collect the voucher at HKASA office within a designated period. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and their quota will be allotted to applicants in the waiting list.

4. If you decide to withdraw from the Programme after collecting the vouchers, please return the vouchers to Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association ‘Jockey Club Learn-to-Swim Programme for Primary Students’ Office.



For any questions, please contact our staff at 2389 0126 or 2389 0127.



Jockey Club Learn-to-Swim Programme for Primary Students

Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association

17:37 26-05-2017
Phase III - Result of Public Drawing
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